Cave Creek Moves Forward to Improve Water Service

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Cave Creek, AZ – The Cave Creek Town Council voted unanimously Wednesday to make significant improvements to the water system that serves residents in both Cave Creek and Carefree. The council previously approved the lease of state-of-the-art membrane water treatment units in order to enable the Town’s water supply to meet or exceed all drinking water regulations and standards. Last night, the Council agreed to hire two firms to help install the units. MGC Contractors will connect the Pall Membrane units to the existing water treatment equipment and GHD Engineers will complete the design and permitting for the new systems.

The two membrane units will provide consistent, high-quality potable water independent of incoming raw water quality. The units which use hollow fibers to provide a physical treatment barrier, should begin their service by the end of August.

Installing the units will allow the Cave Creek water system to comply with all federal and state regulations. Cave Creek has met the reporting requirements regarding total organic carbon levels and state and federal agencies have concluded the water is safe.

“Cave Creek is spending substantial resources to continue to provide clean, reliable water for all our customers,” Mayor Ernie Bunch said. “We are being proactive to maintain the highest quality of water for our users throughout Cave Creek, Carefree and Desert Hills.”

“The membrane will be installed to provide an extra physical barrier to organic carbons, which are naturally occurring in CAP water. Cave Creek’s water has been and remains safe to drink,” Bunch said.