Carefree residents concerned with water take over

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CAVE CREEK – Carefree residents are concerned about the costs associated to take over a portion of the Cave Creek water system that serves more than 500 Cave Creek customers who reside within the Town of Carefree, a new survey finds.

The survey, conducted April 18-22, contacted Carefree residents who receive their water from either Cave Creek or Carefree. While a significant number of respondents identified water service as the number one issue facing the town, once presented with information, two-thirds of respondents were less likely to support taking over of a portion of the Cave Creek water system.

71 percent of respondents said that if a takeover by Carefree would increase water rates or taxes, they would be less likely to support the move.

And 67 percent of respondents said they would be less likely to support the purchase of a portion of the Cave Creek water system if it meant the service would remain the same, but the costs would increase.

“The survey shows the vast majority of Carefree residents have concerns about increased taxes or the rising costs for water if Carefree follows through with its plan to take over part of the Cave Creek water system,” said Joe Conner, a national utility condemnation lawyer who has been hired to represent Cave Creek. “Carefree should listen to its constituents and end this expensive take over attempt.”

Carefree has sued Cave Creek to take over the water service for more than 500 customers. The move would cost Carefree residents millions of dollars to compensate Cave Creek for the value of the system.